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'Re-sellers of Avroy Shlain in the UK' to close 30th April

Dear Customer


We regret to inform you that we will be closing our business 'Re-sellers of Avroy Shlain in the UK' on 30th April due to threats of legal proceedings from Avroy Shlain (PTY) in South Africa who don’t want us to continue operating as independent sellers of their products. They have instructed their distributors not to sell to us and some of our paid-for products waiting to be shipped have been appropriated by them.  As a result our stock levels are badly depleted and so we will not be doing Specials in March or April. Some of the more popular lines have already run out. 


As we may be unable to keep up with demand we will be keeping most of the products at full price for the next month and a half to allow regular users to obtain supplies to keep them going until they can make alternative arrangements. We will put what remains unsold on Sale from the middle of April at reduced prices and the website will be taken down before the first of May. Products currently giving the message 'On order' on our website cannot be re-ordered and will be removed from the listing in due course.


We are sorry that this will probably be a great inconvenience to many of you. We very much regret the situation but there is nothing we can do about it. Thank you for being wonderful customers for the last 25 years.


Best wishes


Merlyn, Hamish and Chanelle