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Welcome to Re-Sellers of Avroy Shlain in the UK, the secret of beautiful skin.   Avroy Shlain's award-winning skincare and colour cosmetics offer premium quality at affordable prices. 

We offer ranges of products for all skin types, from Skin Solutions for acne and problem skin, to Nucelle for dry and sensitive skin.  CRT (Cell Revitalisation Therapy) offers a specialist range of highly effective anti-ageing products.

Browse our site and find out for yourself what Avroy Shlain's products can do for you. Don't feel shy about asking for advice, we're here to help.





CRT Daily Enviro 50ml 50% Off was £36 now £18 Buy online>

CRT Illuminating Serum 50ml 50% Off was £32 now £16 Buy online>

CRT Pore Minimising Serum 50ml 50% Off was £32 now £16 Buy online>



Avroy Shlain Skincare Cleansing Lotion 200ml 50% Off was £12 now £6 Buy online>




Nucelle Nutritive Facial Oil 30ml 50% Off normally £20
now £10 Buy online>

Nucelle Hydration Mask 50ml 25% Off was £10 now £7.50 Buy online>

Nucelle Gentle Cream Exfoliator 50ml 50% Off was £17
now £8.50 Buy online>



Tahlita Active Repair Night Cream 50ml 50% Off was £16.50
now £8.25 Buy online>

Tahlita Eye Gel Cream 25ml 75% Off was £12.50 now £3.00 Buy online>


Skin Solutions

Skin Solutions Night Repair Gel 50ml 50% Off was £14
now £7 Buy online>

Skin Solutions Blemish Control SPF15 50ml 50% Off was £13.75
now £6.75 Buy online>

Skin Solutions Pore Purifying Serum 30ml 50% Off was £14
now £7 Buy online>

Skin Solutions Detox Charcoal Mask 50ml 50% Off was £10
now £5 Buy online>



Body Essence Nourishing Tissue Oil 100ml £25% Off was £17
now £12.75 Buy online>




Wet & Dry Powder Foundation 12gms 25% Off was £17
now £12.75 Buy online>

Coppelia Natural Make-up Foundation SPF15 30ml colours Choc Truffle
and Espresso only 75% Off  was £15 now £ 3.25 Buy online>

Coppelia Transparent Loose Powder: colours Medium; Dark 50% Off 
was £12.50 now £6.25 Buy online>

Megalash Mascara Black 50% Off was £6 now £3 Buy online>

ColorFun Eye Pencils Jet or Mahogany 50% Off was £5
now £2.50 Buy online>

Eye Shadow Sticks colour: Midnight 50% Off was £6
now £3.00 Buy online>



Awakenings Eau de Toilette 100ml was £32.00
now £24 save £8 Buy online>

Endangered For Her Eau de Toilette 100ml was £32.00
now £24 save £8 Buy online>

JS Eau de Parfum 60ml was £32 now £24 save £8 Buy online>

Perfect Eau de Parfum 50ml was £40.00 now £30 save £10 Buy online>


All prices conditional to stocks being available