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A-Bisabolol. See Bisabolol.

Accelerin II. A plant-derived biotechnological active ingredient that stimulates cell turnover
and respiration, activating tissue renewal.

Almond. See Sweet Almond.

Allantoin. A soothing, healing agent, often extracted from Comfrey Root , that stimulates healthy tissue formation.

Aloe Vera. The extract from the leaves of the Aloe has been used for centuries for its soothing, protecting and moisturising qualities.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids. Also known as Fruit Acids. These natural acids are found in fruit, milk and sugar. They naturally break down protein bonds that hold together the dead cells on the skin's surface to reveal newer, fresher skin. Skin is strengthened and revitalised.

Anti-oxidant. Substances that help prevent free-radical damage by neutralising and absorbing the highly reactive molecules that can damage the skin and cause premature ageing. Vitamins C and E are examples of powerful anti-oxidants. See also Free Radical.

Apricot Kernel Oil. A natural oil with excellent moisturising properties that helps protect skin.

Arnica. A herbal treatment renowned for its decongestive and regenerative properties, It is often used in homeopathy to treat bruising.

Avocado Oil. Extracted from the Avocado fruit, the oil is valued for its moisturising and nourishing effect.

ASCIII. (Amplifier for the Synthesis of Collagen III) Stimulates collagen production thereby helping to increase the elasticity of mature skin.

Bisabolol. See also Camomile. A natural anti-irritant and soothing agent contained in Camomile that helps calm and repair inflamed tissue.

Calendula. A soothing, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent extracted from marigolds.

Camomile. See also Bisabolol. A herb with calming and anti-inflammatory properties which contains bisabolol, a natural anti-irritant and soothing agent.
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Camphor. Reduces oiliness and helps refine pores.

Ceramides. These are naturally occurring skin lipids that help skin to maintain its firm, smooth structure by helping repair the intercellular cement of skin. By increasing the skin's ability to retain moisture, they improve hydration.

Cephalipin. Helps renew damaged lipid layers enabling skin to retain moisture.

Collagen. The major component of skin that gives it structure. Sun damage causes collagen in skin to deteriorate. Collagen can be derived from both plant and animal sources.

D-Panthenol. Pro-vitamin B5. It has excellent moisturising properties and is an anti-inflammatory agent that can help repair tissue.

Evening Primrose Oil. A natural plant extract that is an excellent moisturiser. It improves the skin's overall suppleness and softness. Many sufferers of eczema find it useful.

Fennel Extract. A herbal extract with anti-bacterial properties.

Free Radical. Free radicals are molecules which have absorbed UV energy from the sun's rays causing a destructive chain reaction and cell damage.

Glycerine. An excellent plant-derived emollient and a humectant.

Green Tea Extract. A pure non-fermented tea obtained from the leaves of a small Asian shrub. It is a potent antioxidant, helping protect skin from free-radical cellular damage. It also inhibits the growth of some skin bacteria.

Guava. An extract that helps moisturise, regenerate cells and has anti-oxidant properties.

Honey. Has antibacterial and preservative properties and can help prevent moisture loss from skin.

Horse Chestnut Extract. A botanical extract which has the ability to diminish fluid congestion in tissue and soothe inflammation. It can help reduce the "orange peel" effect of cellulite and has a beneficial effect on tired and swollen legs.

Hyaluronic Acid. Found naturally in the skin and able to hold up to 200 times its weight in water, making it an invaluable moisturiser that boosts the skin's elasticity.
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Ivy Extract. A natural extract from the Ivy plant used to help decongest tissue and help combat cellulite.

Jojoba (pronounced Ho Ho-ba). A remarkable gentle, liquid wax extracted from the desert jojoba shrub. Softens, smoothes and conditions skin.

Kaolin. A natural clay-like mineral with absorbent properties.

Lavender Oil. A highly aromatic herbal extract with strong antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also highly valued for its relaxing properties.

Lime Blossom. Contributes to astringency.

Liposomes. Liposomes act as a delivery system in skincare. They are made of the same material that forms cell membranes and carry active ingredients

Licorice Extract. This soothing, anti-inflammatory agent is extracted from the root of the Liquorice plant. It also has anti-bacterial properties and is a good Free Radical Scavenger that aids in absorbing harmful UV rays.

Mango. Contributes to moisturisation.

Marigold. See Calendula.

Melissa Extract. Also known as Balm Mint, a fragrant plant with antibacterial and healing properties.

Menthol. A crystalline alcohol that occurs especially in mint oils and provides a refreshing and invigorating effect.

Milk. Cleopatra, who reputedly bathed in it, exploited its rich texture and moisturising qualities. It is rich in essential amino acids, which are fundamental in the production of collagen, elastin and keratin - vital components for firm, healthy-looking skin. Milk is also enriched with revitalising Vitamins A, D, and E, which strengthen the skin's resistance to harsh elements and offer beneficial hydrating qualities.

Olive Oil. An intensely moisturising oil extracted from olives. It has strong anti-oxidant properties and has been used since biblical times to promote healing.

PABA-free. All Avroy Shlain sun protection lotions are free of PABA (para-aminobenzoic acids), a sunscreen ingredient that can cause allergic reactions.

Papaya. This fruit contains an enzyme that soothes and calms skin, while helping soften it.

Pentacare. Helps to create a visible firming and lifting effect on the skin.
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Pentavitin. A potent agent that locks moisture into skin, helping keep it hydrated and supple.

Phytantriol. Assists in penetration of actives.

Rose Oil. A fragrant oil extracted from Roses that is rich in antioxidants.

Rosemary Oil. An invigorating herbal extract known to strengthen fragile capillaries. It helps to stimulate, tone and purify skin.

Retinol. This is a pure, active form of Vitamin A. It works by penetrating the outer layers of the skin and working to repair the lower layers of the skin. This allows it to repair and stimulate collagen and elastin, creating firmer, smoother skin.
N.B. A sun protection cream of at least SPF15 must always be used when using products containing Retinol.

Rumex. Also known as Sorrel. This is extracted from the root of the Sorrel plant and is used for its astringent and healing properties.

SPF. Sun Protection Factor. The higher the number of the SPF, the more protection the product will offer from UVB rays. For example, if your unprotected skin burns after 10 minutes, an SPF15 will allow you 150 minutes in the sun before starting to burn.

Sunflower Oil. The oil is extracted from the seed of the Sunflower and is used for its exceptional moisturising and regenerative properties.

St John's Wort. A herbal extract valued for its refreshing and moisturising properties.

Sweet Almond. A nourishing, soothing oil extracted from almond nuts. It is used for its anti-inflammatory and moisturising properties.

Tea Tree Oil. A highly effective essential oil extracted from the Australian Tea Tree. It is renowned for its strong anti-bacterial and antiseptic qualities and its ability to stimlulate healing.

UVA and UVB. Invisible, ultraviolet rays which penetrate the deep layer of the skin, causing cellular damage. This is one of the main causes of premature ageing and can lead to skin cancer. It is important to provide year-round protection to exposed skin.

Vitamin A. Known to help increase the rate of renewal of epidermal cells. It also helps increase the thickness of the epidermis and can help reverse skin damage.

Vitamin C. Helps stimulate the formation of collagen. It can also help fade existing pigmentation marks and promote an even skin tone by breaking down existing melanin.

Vitamin E. A powerful anti-oxidant that helps prevent free radical cellular damage. It is beneficial in moisturising skin and can help in healing scars and burns.

Wheatgerm Oil. Pressed from the vitamin-rich embryo of the wheat kernel. Contains Vitamins A, B, D, E, F, protein and minerals to nourish and protect skin.

Witch-hazel. A plant extract with astringent and anti-inflammatory properties.

Yeast Extract. Rich in betaglucan, a powerful antioxidant, it also helps keep skin hydrated.

Zinc Oxide. A mineral that provides and effective and non-irritating barrier for skin.

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